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My name is Donny Pauling and I’ve been a Corning Ford customer for nearly a decade. For this post, I’m guest blogging here on the Corning Ford Credit site. What I’d like you to know is that Corning Ford really is able to get the near-impossible done when it comes to bad-credit auto financing. Believe me, I know. And I’ve seen them do it for several others. If you’re looking to start over, give Todd Hughes a call.


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Auto Loan Guide for Borrowers with Bad Credit

Today I was doing a bit of research, looking for further information to share with those hoping to get an auto loan after having credit problems. I ran across an article by Attorney Mory Brenner entitled “Auto Loan Guide for Borrowers with Bad Credit”. I found the following:

More and more bad credit auto loan ads these days bombard debtors and other bad credit borrowers with the concept that they can buy a car or truck no matter what their credit may look like. Although most of these ads are based on truths, in this article I will carefully review some of the bad credit auto loan pit falls to be aware of, and help debtors to understand how some of these systems work.

The direct finance business works as a good credit auto loan would from your local bank, except borrowers with bad credit will be expected to bring in a larger down payment and pay a higher interest rate. Most local lenders, of course, will not make these loans at all to borrowers with bad credit. Depending on the severity of one’s bad credit, down payments for these loans can range from 20% to 50% and depending on the credit and legal limits of the state one lives in, interest rates can range from 5% to 26%. I have even seen in a few states extreme cases where borrowers already owning cars use their vehicles as collateral for very short-term loans. The effective interest rate can be as much as 144% per year. These loans, sometimes called title loans, offer a short-term loan at 12% per month, so when the loan can not be paid off another loan at 12% must be taken. Such lending is illegal in most states and even where allowed I can think of almost no situation where taking out such a loan would represent a prudent financial decision. In most cases debtors with bad credit should expect to pay in the 7% to 18% interest range. Amortization (the time needed to pay the loan in full if all regular payments are made) choices offered may only range from 2 to 4 years opposed to good credit borrowers whose auto loans may extend for as long as 5 to 7 years. Certain amortization schedules and higher interest rates combine for payments that can be considerably higher than for those with excellent credit. The good news is that if these loans are paid on time they can also serve as tools for rebuilding credit. Dealers who advertise their willingness to work with bad credit auto purchases often ultimately finance the transaction with one of the direct lenders as described above. Dealer’s who finance these loans internally sometimes combine of these things where they secure an external financing source by guaranteeing apart of the loan or allowing a part of the loan to remain unfunded until certain loan payments are made.

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About Credit Repair

Credit Repair Companies are very expensive. They can charge anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands. You do not need to pay a credit repair company a lot of money to repair your credit. Anything they can do for you, you can do for yourself for free or little cost. Financing a vehicle is, many cases, even easier than opening a credit card. And paying your auto payments on time is a good step toward repairing your credit.

When applying for a new loan with “challenged” credit, it’s very important to include as much information as possible and to gather documentation proving all income, employment, and auto insurance information.   If you’re ready to start this process:

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Hello! My name is Todd Hughes and I am the Internet Manager for Corning Ford/Mercury in Corning, California. I specialize in helping credit challenged people get the financing they need to purchase a new automobile.

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